The Peer Writing Center for the Spring 2021 semester will be open starting Tuesday May 4th, and will run through Monday, June 21st.

The Peer Writing Center will be held entirely remote for this semester. 


Welcome, Undergraduates!

Create or log in to your account using your email address to:

-View Peer Writing Center schedules

-Make and manage your appointments

-Use the waitlist feature

*Please read the following information carefully!



Undergraduates only, by appointment

Recent Graduates can schedule 1 appointment in each Spring and Summer Semester


PWC Dates of Operation 

Spring Semester (05/04 - 06/21)

Summer Semester (06/30 - 08/17)

HOURS: All remote / Monday-Thursday 5-8pm


For Spring 2021, all peer writing center appointments will be conducted online on the "Sp21 Virtual PWC" schedule.

You have two options for your appointment:


1) "eTutoring"--we provide written feedback on your writing project (fewer than 10 pages, please!) via email

Make an appointment on the schedule - be sure to list your specific concerns

Upload your assignment prompt (if applicable) and draft document(s) to WCOnline at the bottom of the appointment form

Watch your email for notification that a peer consultant has responded to your paper. You can expect that your paper will be responded to by the end of the appointment time


2) "Google Meet Online appointment"--you have a real-time online video/audio, audio, or text chat consultation with a peer writing consultant

This is our normal OWL service now conducted through Google Meet

Make an appointment on the schedule

Before your appointment, create a Google Doc containing your writing and any relevant assignment details

Share your Google Doc with the Peer Writing Consultant, giving them access as a "commenter" 

Log back in to WCOnline approximately 5 minutes before the start of the appointment

Open the appointment, scroll down to the "Google Meet Link" box and click the meeting link that will be shared by. your consultant 

A peer writing consultant will join you for a video or text chat appointment in real-time over Google Meet

Open your Google Doc in a window separate from the meting and resize the windows so that you can view both your document and the writing consultant at the same time 



"Online appointments" begin on the hour and last 45 minutes

If you are more than 5 minutes late for your online appointment, it will be canceled

You may schedule one online appointment or eTutoring appointment per day

You may "drop-in" to additional online appointments if a consultant is available. Please notify the consultant directly via email if you "drop-in". Only available up to 15 minutes past the hour for each appointment, beyond that please find a different time slot.

Please be considerate of our consultants and your fellow students: if you cannot attend your appointment, please cancel it at least one hour before its scheduled start time


We look forward to working with you in our new virtual space! If you have questions or concerns, please email Sweetland Receptionists, OR


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